to Paradise.
Hotel La Malvasía

A tribute to Life!

The essence and quality in a unique enclave.

Hotel La Malvasía

Harmonious experiential luxury.

Our hotel La Malvasía in front of the mother marsh "Laboca", in the village of El Rocio, in the town of Almonte, Huelva. Only 5 minutes to get from our Hotel to the heart of the Coto de Doñana. La Malvasía offers a unique, comfortable and elegant way to discover what we call paradise.

Kaizen essence

With a typical Andalusian farmhouse style, maintaining an elegant decoration, with its intact shape it maintains the essence of the village of Rocío, the work of the prestigious interior designer Alejandra Pombo, and other artists have created unique elements in each corner, as if from a museum it was. Discover the comfort of our rooms, facing the wildest and most free nature, merge in our hotel, unique in the area, making rest a ritual that we would dare to say, sacred.

View from Hotel
A new dimension of Luxury.

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